Wednesday, 12 April 2017

All Planted

The farmers have had a busy day. They have been working for days now preparing the ground to plant the potato seeds. The day started with still some more stone separating to be done which was then hindered by a breakdown. It was decided to finish the last piece with a tiller. This afternoon about 6pm Older Daughter finished this work.

Meanwhile further down the field following her was her farmer uncle planting.

The rest of the seed potatoes were there ready to plant.

Meanwhile a call came that the cows were out into their neighbouring field so Older Daughter and I went to check. All was well and the cows were lying quietly in the right field.

It was after dark when I took farmer husband back to collect a tractor from the potato field.

The planting still continued by moonlight.

It's all done now so next we shall be wanting some rain but not over Easter please!


  1. I'll think of this the next time I casually buy a bag of potatoes at the supermarket. Love the colour of your soil and the green of the grass

  2. Beautiful photos. I particularly like the moonlight ones. Hope you have a fine weekend for Easter and only gentle night time showers for the potatoes!

  3. I'm Irish. I'm always glad to see the potatoes in :)

  4. There must be a tremendous sense of satisfaction when this is done.