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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Take Three Thursday: Botanic Pots.

Today to join Mary Lou in her weekly meme where you choose three photos with a theme I have chosen 3 pottery sculptures at the sculpture exhibition at Bristol Botanic Gardens. These three were in the tropical hothouse.
This conker shaped vessel was labelled as a bird bath.

This pot is a pretty pricey choice to grow your plants in but very attractive.

I could find some flowers to adorn this bowl.

Which is your favourite?


  1. The bottom one, I think! Though the top one is very striking. Hmm... bottom!

  2. I don't know which I like best - maybe the conker one. I love the lily pads though! Must put Bristol Botanical Gardens on my list of places to visit!

  3. beautiful pieces, love the organic shapes, the top is my favourite

  4. I'm probably not allowed to say the first one because I always think "conker" is such a great word. That's not a good enough reason, is it? lol

  5. Thanks for joining in Maggie. I am not sure I could pick a favourite - I admire the skill to create such diverse pots.

  6. Each is beautiful in its own way. I keep going back and forth between the last two, and can't choose just one.