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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Out in the Field

On Sunday afternoon I walked out to check the sheep. It was a lovely sunny day for a walk with Monty. It's great to see the hens back out in the fields. They have been out now for over a week now that the Avian flu risk has lessened and we have been allowed to let them out. They are certainly happy back in their favourite haunts.

They cluster around the water trough like men around a bar!

It was also a busy time with the horses.

Then of course most of the sheep and lambs are now back out in the fields.

Oh and I nearly forgot. The item I showed on Sunday is indeed a camping toaster that sits over the calor gas. Eileen and Mary Lou both had it!


  1. Idyllic - especially the sheep pics (lovely light).

  2. I agree with Lady Ella ... idyllic is the only way to describe the life shown in your wonderful photos. Of course, they don't show all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes!

    I hadn't worked out that it sat over the calor gas though .... I was trying to puzzle out how it sat on a campfire and didn't burn everything!

  3. that was a long time your hens were inside - must be a relief to have them all out again. Very clever fire toaster

  4. A good morning chuckle; the hens like men around a pub bar ... say no more.
    It was the horses that had me thinking idyllic but ah those adorable lambs. Glad the riddle was solved :)

  5. I was thinking about you as we were out on our drive spotting sheep on Sunday. TNSSO wondered how close she could get and I had to laugh...maybe you need to take our city girl for a few days and sort her out!

  6. Great that the chickens are able to be out again. All great photos.