Thursday, 13 April 2017

Take Three Thursday: Bird Visitors

On Thursdays I join Mary Lou with her meme Take Three Thursday where you choose three photos with a common theme. This week I have been inspired by the return of the swallows. Yes the swallows have returned this week. I am yet to get a picture of them. Each time they perch on the wires I nip out with my camera but they are too quick for me. So instead I have some other visitors to the garden.
1. This is one of two doves who have been spending a lot of time in the cherry tree. Eating the flowers perhaps?

2. In the same tree are my bird feeders. The goldfinches are very busy at the moment. They are almost continually on the niger seed feeder and enjoy the sunflowers too. It's not easy to get very close so not the sharpest picture.

3. This pheasant is a frequent visitor to my mum's garden. He is really quite a handsome chappie.


  1. Thanks for joining in. Your feathered friends are quite lovely especially the pheasant - beautiful plumage. Apparently bird watching is cool & being taken over by the British male millennium population; who knew?

  2. What a great selection. Especially like the top one.

  3. Golly, I can't imagine having a pheasant visitor! That would be something to see.