Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Longest Village Green

Yesterday I went on my monthly walk with my walking group. This time we revisited a village where we have previously walked. Frampton on Severn is a picturesque village in Gloucestershire. It is reputed to have the longest village green which stretches the length of the village and covers about 22 acres. The cricket pitch is on one end of the green outside one of the village pub's.

There are a series of ponds.

The most notable thing however is the array of buildings from large smart Georgian houses to quirky little cottages. 

It is a pleasure to just wander down the green admiring the buildings. 

There are several superbly restored barns including this tythe barn which is now a wedding venue.

Then the Wool Barn which originates from 1550 and is part of the Frampton Court Estate. We have a wedding at this estate in the summer so will look forward to seeing more!

There are also lots of quaint crooks and crannies.

Then after our walk it was off to the pub for some amazing pies. The Shu pie has everything in it. A choice of meat at one end, mashed potato in the middle and vegetables at the other end. Delicious!


  1. Those barns! Specially the tithe barn! Wow - lovely village.

  2. Another one to add to my list - lovely and I don't think I have ever been (also the pub pie sounds good!)

  3. Wonderful walk about - such interesting homes & barns. I know which one I'd pick to live in....

  4. What absolutely stunning buildings. It looks quintessentially English (I think I'm allowed to say that because we don't have village greens here!)