Monday, 10 April 2017

Memos, Mail, Me and Monday.

What a fabulously sunny weekend it has been! Sunbathing in April just suits me fine. Now it's time to wave to Sian, the creator of this Monday memo. Today I have chosen a snippet just suited to her.
You may recall a few weeks ago that I showed you the telephone box in one of our villages. Do you remember the one? It's red and sits on the village green. Well the plans to convert it to a mini library have come into fruition. It's painted, shelves are in and it's open.

It's definitely open. It has the hours on the door.

I took a peep inside for you all to see. It even has some flowers!

Should themobile library feel usurped there is no need to worry because on the window there's a little reminder.

The mobile library used to stop in our yard when the kids were young. We would all trot out in our slippers along with the cats and the dog to choose our books. The librarian was always grateful for a trip to our bathroom and would then leave laden down with bags of spuds and trays of eggs for all the staff back at the library!
That's village life for you! Talking of which you may have noticed in the top picture that we had a Race Night on Saturday. Have you ever been to one? The races are on films including a fun pig race. It was great fun especially on Grand National day. The hall was decorated appropriately.

Some including our chair had on their race day outfits.

There was pie, mash and peas, followed by choc ices as well as lots of fun betting. The farmer and I came home £14 better off which was a bit of a miracle.
What have you been up to this weekend? I look forward to popping round to find out. Have a good week!


  1. I love this - here's hoping it goes from strength to strength. (And there's even some more Tracy Chevalier for you to get stuck into!)

    1. Yes I noticed that but thought I better read the book I have on the go and my next book club book first.

  2. lovely use of an old phone box although I do wonder if a control war will develop between competing views on book categorisation with that invitation to reorganise the books! Your race night sounds lots of fun. have a good week

  3. I like your red phone box library. The little boxed lending libraries are popping up around here, I just saw this morning in our community F/B page a request for books to get it started. My horsey group celebrated Grand National Day in the tack room ... your chairlady does look a treat in her race finery.

    Hope you have a great week ahead.

  4. I love this too! What a great post. I wish we had a phone box library here: of course I'd be up for a bit of reorganisation. I wouldn't be able to resist.

  5. The mobile library was my fave growing up. It came once a week to our tiny village, and I was always right there to welcome it. In the winter months, we had to drive 9 miles to the larger town to get to the library. That old phone box is a perfect library! We have several little library boxes in our neighborhood; would love to see something classy like that show up!

  6. Beautiful little library! Hope it gets lots of use to keep it going and new books rotating. Race night looks fun. There is a touch of the Calendar Girls about that photo of your Chair - in a good way of course!