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Thursday, 5 May 2016

5 in 5 on the 5th of the 5th

It is time again to join in with Sandie's  5 in 5 when on the 5th of each month 5 photos are shown that are selected from photos taken over a 5 minute period. Today of course is the 5th day of the 5th month. What better reason do I need to bend the rules? So this month I have two sets of 5 in 5, one for the 5th day and one for the 5th month! Any excuse for a bit of cheating!
The first set were taken by stepping out my back door yesterday morning and looking at fragments of my garden.

1. A tulip still in full bloom.

2. One of those Spanish bluebells....

3. The apple blossom slowly emerging.

4. A rogue weed but still beautiful.

5. The clematis just in flower.

Then yesterday afternoon I did a similar walk in my mother's garden to see what I could find.

1. Another slant on the bluebell.

2. Pear blossom in abundance.

3. Rose in the greenhouse.

4. Forget me not.

5. Wild Cherry.


  1. We're quite a ways behind you in blooms, but you inspire me to get out tomorrow and see what I can find in the yard. I'm not sure there are five good photos, but maybe. Yours are wonderful1

  2. Two lovely sets of flower photos and another month gone - can't believe how quickly these fives come around!!

  3. Like your logic and the two sets are great. Now I'm looking forward to apple blossom, and the tulip is such an interesting shape. (I'm worried how close those dodgy bluebells are to your woodland...)

    1. I knew as I posted those bluebells I was bringing trouble on myself! My garden is about a quarter of a mile from the woodland and my mum's about 18 miles. I have been growing them for many years before the issue came about. I pull loads of them up each year and on they go. I also de head them before the seed stage. They remind me so much of my grandma. She had loads of them and in Bob a Job week my sister and I did our Brownie/ Guide bit and de headed them for her.

  4. Two sets of photos? That's not cheating, just clever thinking and I wish I'd thought of it! The flowers are beautiful - I love the colour of the tulip.

    1. I thought the same Eileen, I didn't make the connection either.

  5. I know I've said it before, but I really do think you could go into card production with these!

  6. These photo are breath taking Maggie! What a joy to see and I'm so glad that you shared 2 sets. I hadn't made the connection with it being 5th day and 5th month. I like that! Thank you for joining in this month, my garden looks quite dull by comparison though that is because it is sadly neglected. Another of those projects on the list!