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Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Gem Amongst Gems

Following my bluebell walk on Friday I decided to wander down to our bluebell woods to see how they were progressing. The bluebells are generally not so far on.

I did spot something though that was rather like spotting a needle in a haystack. Can you see the little gem? I think it is very unlikely.

There were of course hundreds of these little gems. The English Bluebell distinguished by it's delicate bells just on one side as opposed to the Spanish Bluebell frequently seen in gardens that has bells both sides.

The other and much rarer little gem was this.

The Early Purple Orchid which flowers at bluebell time and there are usually a handful at the most scattered amongst the bluebells. The intricate detail of each individual flower on the stem is amazing. It is so similar to it's more exotic relations only in miniature.


I am always delighted when I spot one.


  1. The orchid is lovely. I'm worried about our poor English bluebell...

    1. There is a lot of thought that the Spanish bluebell will overtake the English. My sister in law watches out for rogue ones in the woods. Thanks for all your comments. I wasn't hinting honestly! I do appreciate them though.

    2. I'm a member of the Woodland Trust, thus conscious of the European invaders. At Whipsnade Zoo they have an area of English bluebells, cordoned off behind a piece of wire - I suppose it is special wire designed to keep out bees carrying the wrong kind of pollen(?!) That said, I have some dodgy-looking bluebells in my garden, which I'm sure have cross-pollinated with hyacinths somewhere along the line (actually I know when). I will do my bit this year and dig them up.
      The comments are real :o)

  2. WOW to having & finding wild orchids.

  3. Beautiful bluebells, they are so blue!!

    As for the early orchids, how lovely to find them so early, the photos are wonderful.