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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Taste of Farming for All

Yesterday we had our annual May bank holiday trip out to The North Somerset Show. This is a great local one day show and a real family day out. One of the events I always like watching is the showing of the animals. This year there was a good wide selection of sheep. This Dartmoor breed were particularly interesting to watch. Some of which were keen to participate.

Others were more reluctant.

There were prizes for some.

And fancy outfits for others.

In the cattle ring there were some spectacular beasts.

This year we were not blessed with the best weather. The forecast was correct and there was heavy rain for about 3 hours in the middle of the day. We looked and felt a bit like this.

We retreated into the marquee for a longer than usual lunch before going for another wander. Something we watched for some time was the heavy horses pulling agricultural equipment. This gave a taste of times gone by. A muck spreader.

Chain harrows.

And a roller. A heavy piece of equipment requiring three horses.

A little taste of our day out where photography was curtailed by the weather.


  1. oh its too long since I went to a local agricultural show - love those sheep

  2. It's so long since I went to a show either. When I was growing up we had a showgrounds in the middle of the town. But they've built shops over it now!

  3. Where I grew up, in rural Ohio, it was the county fair that brought out the animals for competitions. This is a much more beautiful setting. Those horses are magnificent, and I'm glad you got in a few photos before the weather turned bad.

  4. Reminds me of my visit to the show with you last year when we were luckier with the weather. Great photos and as others have commented, it is a beautiful setting.

  5. Another wonderful day out. Your first set of sheep shots - that is quite the woolly one. We have lots of old order Mennonite & Amish just north of us so we get lots of horse power in the fields. None of their horses are as well kept as your examples.