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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Out They Go

I mentioned yesterday that Older Daughter's cattle who are now about a year old went out in the field for the first time this Spring. They have been in one of the sheds over the winter and were pleased to be out on the grass. They were initially a little reluctant to come out.


Then they were soon ready to do a lap of honour around the perimeter of the field. A couple of people commented that they looked rather scary. It is always of course important to respect all animals and it can be unnerving when animals of this size are charging around. These Aberdeen Angus cross cattle tend generally to be quieter than some continental breeds. We have had cattle in the past that have careered through and over hedges and kept going for several fields! It is of course always sensible to take care when crossing fields with cattle in especially with a dog. 


The sheep already in the field were wise enough to ignore these new occupants of their territory.


Once the work was done there was a few moments to enjoy the view before returning to the farm.


  1. I remember the family trip out to the field to see the cows let out last year, lovely to see them kicking their heels as long as they weren't heading in my direction!

  2. the photo of the 3 girls is fantastic - I love to see the cows running around when they first go out to the field - in fact I like to see cows in the field at any time - reminds me of growing up beside a cattle farm from age 3 - 6