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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Our Commonwealth Friends

I hadn't really intended to post any more pictures of the Queen's birthday pageant but a comment from Mary-Lou yesterday made me add a couple of pictures for her. Canada played an important part in the celebrations with the Canadian quartet The Tenors singing and The Canadian Mounted Police performing.
We saw them preparing in one of the outdoor arenas. Not quite sure what is happening at the back!

They gave a splendid performance to Maple Leaf Forever to a background of Canadian scenery, maple leaves and an image of one single bear quietly strolling around a banner screen around the edge of the arena.  I was too absorbed to take photos but have one of them collecting together with our other Commonwealth friends namely the highly entertaining South Australian Police Band and the delightful New Zealand Army Band.

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  1. THANK YOU. Our 36 Royal Canadian Mounted Police always put on a good show & I can only imagine how good the Australian & New Zealand bands were.

    A side note, Her Majesty's favourite among all her horses over the years was Burmese, a black mare bred & given to her by the RCMP in 1969.

    The Queen rode Burmese during the Trooping of the Colour for 18 consecutive years & after Burmese was retired the Queen stopped riding in the Trooping of the Colour.