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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Through the Long Window

I was amused yesterday by a couple of comments that my pictures reminded them of Blue Peter or Playschool looking through the arch. It made me think of our outlook from our lounge at the moment.

The clematis is dangling right over the window which looks lovely with the light behind.

It does obstruct the light rather so there will be a bit of pruning to be done soon!

The two clematis in mum's garden are very spectacular. They reach right up into the trees.

This white one is certainly what one might call established!


  1. Lovely. My montana has done very well this year too. Had a couple of flowers last year and now a very decent display. (Even if most of it is on my neighbour's side of the fence!)

    [Just re-reading this to make sure I havent said anything dumb... Yes, that's what I meant to say...]

  2. Your property must be just stunning. I love seeing your photographs.

  3. Love the first photo - reminds me of an art nouveau window design

  4. Wow, that looks amazing. Your garden is stunning!

  5. I love how clematis 'appears' each year as it blooms and I notice it at it cascades and climbs - love your rectangle window - do you have a circle view too?

    1. I will have to work on that one!

  6. Your first photo could be used for a card - such a lovely view.

  7. It certainly is a lovely view. As you know, I like views through windows and doors too. I wonder how many different things different viewers see through the same one. And I like the thought of a woman years and years back looking through the same window. It's like a connection with the past