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Thursday, 12 May 2016

A Bounty of Blossom

Following on from my post yesterday I thought I would show a more traditional view of some of the blossoms that seem to be in great abundance this Spring. I am lucky enough to have this one to look at from my kitchen window. It is looking fantastic at the moment and is one of the trees that I posted yesterday.

The following are all in my mum's garden and were looking their best a week ago. I visited again today and the heavy rain has washed the petals away. This first is an old pear tree.

The next dominates one side of her garden and as you can see has a fir tree growing up through it.

The last two are both wild cherry trees and have a much lees dense blossom and the trees are much more lanky but equally beautiful.


The apple blossom is now out but the weather has been too wet for photos.


  1. My favorite are those beautiful pink blossoms. Our neighbor has a flowering cherry tree that blooms quite late in the spring with that color blossoms. Sadly, the only room from which we can see it is our guest bedroom upstairs.

  2. All looking beautiful but the first one is definitely at 'peak bloom'! Lovely!

  3. I'm envious of your view from your kitchen window - simply beautiful. Your mum's garden, as always, looks amazing.

  4. Nothing says "Spring" better than blossom

  5. Beautiful blossom photos - what a magnificent view you have from your kitchen.