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Saturday, 28 May 2016

A Peep in the Woods

I actually took these photos a week or so ago. The bluebells are mainly over now although I have been told that they are at their best on some open common land near us. I hope to get up to see them over the weekend.
The woods are a mixture of wild garlic, bluebells and other flowers. 

Monty loves going for walks in the woods but he stays strictly on the lead. 

Like the quarry it is a wildlife haven. One of the first things we achieved on acquiring the woods was to stop bikers from riding round them. More recently we have done a lot of clearing of dead wood and coppicing.

You may have spotted a black box on one of the trees. These and some wooden ones have been placed on the trees in the hope of attracting nesting dormice.

Dormice live up in trees. The hole on these boxes is on the trunk side for ease of use. So far they have only been used by blue this to make their nests. Still a worthy use!


  1. so much to see in your woods - love the idea of dormouse nesting boxes - and of course delighted to spot Monty!

  2. Lovely walk out in such pretty woods. Interesting about the dormouse. Are they under threat? We get an abundance of field mice & they are not encouraged at all by anyone.

    1. Dormice are under threat and are mainly woodland. It is thought that there may be some in this woodland because of the way the Hazel nuts have benn nibbled.