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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Looking Out My Window

I know I am very lucky to have such a nice outlook when I am stood at my kitchen sink but has looked particularly like a rural idyll while the cherry blossom was out. This is a rather zoomed in view.

Sadly the blossom is now over. I was however amused the other day by this rather different rainbow created by my brother in law flushing out the sprayer.

What a shame it's not symmetrical!
Then if I look out the other way Margot is happily grazing with a bit of company.


  1. That top pic: notelet quality. (If you scroll back through all my relevant comments, you must surely have enough for a set by now. Have a word with the NT!) I'd buy'em!

  2. Your first photo out the kitchen window is truly a restful spot for the eyes. I would be tempted to do dishes several times a day with that view! Margot seems to be enjoying the company - we use to have a barn rooster, Axel, that kept one off the track thoroughbred company.

  3. You could frame that first photograph---and sell it! Idyllic is just the right word!

  4. I love cherry blossom. It reminds me of when I was little and we moved to the house my Mum lives in now. There were cherry trees outside every house in the development and most of them are gone now. Ours is still there and May is still when that house looks at its best