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Thursday, 19 May 2016

When Will I Learn?

 You know that feeling when you do something and immediately realise it was a bad idea? It seems that I will never learn not to chew on toffees. I guess the first time it happened I was at the Cinema or the old flea pit as we used to call it chewing lemon bonbons when out came a tooth. It didn't matter then because I was young enough to grow another one in its place.  On Tuesday though it was a large filling that left quite a large gap. I seem to recall a similar incident last year. Will I never learn? So yesterday it was off to the dentist. The result was bad news, double bad news. The tooth is fractured beyond repair and will have to come out and X Rays reveal a double hooked root which means a tricky extraction by another (expensive) dentist. Oh I am so thrilled!
 The plus side of the visit was parking in the beautiful Victoria Park and the lovely walk back to my car. The little glimpse of The Royal Crescent.

The lush green grass and trees.

Trees full of flower. I recognised the Horse Chestnut.

But can anyone identify this one?

I'm just beginning to wonder as well. How much does the tooth fairy leave these days? I'm pretty sure it won't be enough to cover my costs even if I do pluck up the courage to ask for my tooth back!


  1. Oh dear, that sounds expensive. Pictures are great though! I don't recognise the tree flower although the leaf looks like wisteria.

  2. I was in Victoria Park yesterday - we may have passed each other! Sorry to hear about the tooth, it doesn't sound pleasant but hope you get it sorted soon.

  3. oh those moments when you wish there was an undo button in life and not just the computer! Lovely compensation in your walk to the car though - hope it all goes well

  4. Oh no! It's that long ago since I did the same thing myself. It's that horrible sinking feeling when you realise what has happened..

  5. Oh so sorry about your tooth. Ah the lessons ....
    As for the tree - it does look rather like a tree of heaven leaf & flower but not sure the same trees grow there as here. Was there a scent or smell from the flowers? Hopefully you can get this tree identified.

  6. The gardens are truly lovely, but your dentist story is anything but!

  7. Oh Maggie! I know this is late but I truly empathise with you! I had to have my wound re dressed on Friday. Will it ever heal? I hope you will be ok. Beautiful photos though. Perhaps you thought of them while you were at the dentist...