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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Some Garden Snippets

I have already posted some photos of the flowers out in my garden but can you have too many? I don't think so!
The camellia which I have had for many years has given a really good show this year. It is one of those reds which are quite difficult to capture correctly in a picture.

I have quite a few primroses out.

Some tidier than others.

This double one was a present from my sister last year. The leaves grow close up to the flowers. It is doing well but is rather squashed in amongst other plants.

I was surprised to see this fritillary appear. I don't recall seeing one for some years in the garden.

Then of course there are still tulips. I took this one straight after a hail storm. You can just see the ice on the leaves and the white of the hail stones in the tub behind.

Then after some rain.


  1. Lovely pictures. Glad that the double primrose is doing well!

  2. Our little show of tulips disappeared way too quickly. These are lovely.

  3. Your camellia is beautiful. Thankfully with the chill in the air here, our tulips are hanging around (yeah). Double primrose - must look for some.

    1. I am fond of double primroses. I have a yellow one as well at the moment. They make quite a clump and can live for a long time.