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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Farm Maintenance

There is always something that needs doing on a farm. They have been busy the last few weeks with fencing. We have several new fields that need entirely fencing to keep sheep, cattle and horses on the correct side of the hedge. It also prevents the hedge from being eaten into. Today I got a chance to walk up and see how they were getting on. Monty enjoyed the outing too.

Although he didn't seem too keen to play with Sky. A bit hot for that kind of thing.

Meanwhile the workers kept at it.

I did hear a bit of a father/daughter dispute as to which way up the fence went but the more experienced hand was right and the younger farmer conceded her mistake!

Under one of the trees the cattle were resting quietly. 

Much quieter and more settled than on the day of their arrival in the field from the shed.

No rampaging today!


  1. my goodness I am enjoying Monty week ! Love the green of all the new grass

  2. Looks like a nice walk out & quiet cattle do make for some lovely shots. Monty seems to be the sensible one on this walk. Fencing is so labour intensive. Your two seem to have worked out their differences (col). The farm that I ride at, have been slowing replacing the fence boards to be on the correct side for horses (we do not have other animals to worry about). Each nail that comes out has to be counted so that none are dropped in the field for horses to step on. I think I could see a SNAP in this topic :)

  3. Farming is truly a never-ending job! So much to be done every day!

  4. The cattle look very grown up now and at home in their field