Monday, 2 May 2016

Memorandum Monday: A Last Minute Surprise

I am waving a big hello to Sian and everyone else on this bank holiday Monday and hoping you all have a good day. I was trying to think of something new to tell today but could only come up with a revisit. Yesterday we visited some friends for a lovely Sunday Roast and then it was off out for a walk.
We walked to the village Millennium Wood which although it is no distance from us it is somewhere I rarely walk. It was created in 2000 to celebrate the Millennium when I can recall attending the opening ceremony on New Years Day.

It is now sometime since I have been there so it was good to revisit and to see how all the trees are growing.

There is a lot of Ash but there are other varieties too. 

It was also good to have the company of our friends but also their dog Gypsy. She is a much loved old lady at the grand age of 13 and a half.

She thoroughly enjoyed her walk too. 

It was however only after we got home that something new occurred and that I am excited to share with you. We have a gazebo in the main garden which is used in the winter to store various gardening paraphernalia. One of the dogs was showing a lot of interest in this and when investigated further by the men a sleeping hedgehog was found. This is the first hedgehog that has been found on the farm for many many years. Both of my girls had never seen one. We have quietly left it undisturbed but have slipped some little extras there for it. Some dried cat food, a shallow dish of water and a box with some straw. It is asleep on some netting but although this could be a problem we decided to leave it be for now. Not the best quality photo but we did not want to cause it any stress.

What about you have you seen a hedgehog recently? Do you get them in your garden?


  1. First up, I LOVE Gypsy! Give her a hug from me next time!
    Great news about the hedgehog. I have never had one in my garden (that I know of) but I did see them regularly in Switzerland. Hoping for updates on this little chap in due course.
    Fingers, arms and legs crossed too for the Ash trees!

  2. funnily I saw a hedghog in my garden for the 1st time ever on Thursday - it was investigating my veg beds then wandered off. Hope to see it again

    Lovely to see a new forest and Gypsy is adorable. Have a great week

  3. We used to have hedgehogs all the time in my last house. I've only seen one in my garden since I moved here but I'll be adding a hedgehog house when I have the garden landscaped later this year, so I'm hoping that will encourage one to take up residence.

  4. Good to see the new woodland. I wonder how the one that was planted on the outskirts of Pucklechurch is doing.

    Good to see the hedgehog. We used to see them in the UK but have never seen one here. Must find out if they live here too!

  5. I've only seen one hedgehog in the wild. It was in Door County, WI a couple of years ago, walking down a dirt road. A beautiful grove of ash; they seemed to have survived the ash bore which has destroyed many trees in this area.

  6. We do not get hedgehogs in this part of the world - I would really like to see one. Ah Ash trees - I really like them but as you know in this part of the world under threat ... Gypsy looks like she enjoyed her walk out.

  7. I don't think I have ever seen a hedgehog. It looks like such a lovely place for a walk..well worth a revisit!

    Wishing you a great week. Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes