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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Beautiful Blossom

Today has been one of those days when it just doesn't stop raining. A real indoor day which is not always an option for farmers although they have managed to find a few jobs in the dry.
I thought it would be a good day to show some pictures I took a week or so ago when the sun was shining and the apple blossom was looking it's best. The Bramley apple tree in our garden.

Then we have a couple of miniature trees. 

The Katy apple is always covered in blossom.

Let's hope for a good crop of apples again this year.


  1. Lovely close-ups (last three) and the anticipation of things to come!

  2. Beautiful photos. Raining cats and dogs here too..

  3. Spring is so beautiful. We have rain and 57 degrees here in Washington state - where has spring retreated to?

  4. beautiful blossomand the added bonus of apples to come

  5. Oh! Maggie, these pictures are so beautiful!