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Monday, 9 May 2016

Memorandum Monday: Sunshine

I am sending a big wave this Monday morning to Sian and everyone after what has been a lovely hot weekend . The sunny weather has brought about something new for us. Today we had our first meal of the year outside. Our Sunday roast.

It also meant that the lady revising for A levels could also enjoy the sunshine.

The rest of my Sunday was spent at a celebration. A bi-centenary anniversary of the local Methodist chapel. This chapel in the village of Chew Stoke sits a short distance from the Chew Valley lake which was of course not there for the first 150 years of the chapel's existence. So it was cake cutting time and time to think about the past and to think of new plans for the chapel for the future.

I also took a moment to enjoy all the flowering trees in the churchyard.

Then to admire in detail the blossom on the relatively new crab apple trees.


  1. that's a lot of cake and interesting to think of how the local community will have changed in all those years. Your dinner outside looks lovely - not that sunny up here yet

  2. Looking forward to joining you in meals outside soon! Looks like a lovely day!

  3. What a lovely first that was. It's not warm enough for shorts here yet but I did manage lunch outside today for the first time (fingers crossed it's not the only time given our track record!)

  4. How very decorative is that cake for celebrating! Pretty flowering trees. Still too chilly for outdoor eating here, but to read or revise in the sunshine of yes.

  5. How lovely to have Sunday lunch on the patio! Great cake at the church celebration. I had never thought about the days before the lake in terms of the surrounding villages. Was a church lost under the water?

    1. I have a book somewhere about the lost chew valley. I will have to dig it out. Not sure about a church but you can see remains of the road and a bridge when the reservoir is low on the opposite side of the lake from the cafe and picnic areas.

  6. Wasn't it glorious weather? Didn't eat outside, but love doing so :o)