Friday 3 February 2017

A Different Kind of House

When you look at the outline of one of the large cities such as Auckland

Or Wellington there are of course buildings that tell you where you are but the structure is much the same as anywhere in the world.
It was however often the buildings that were so different from Britain especially as the majority are of a wooden structure. I have chosen a few which really stood out for one reason or another.
This was the first motel we stayed at which certainly has a style of its own.

Close by in the local town of Mangonui this is the historic hotel which dates back to the time of the whaling industry.

On the South Island we came across this novel fence just outside Queenstown.

Also close to Queenstown is the historic gold mining town Arrowtown which has many interesting buildings including original miners cottages.

The high st is a bustling  shopping centre.

There were sadly some rather neglected properties as well!

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  1. I loved seeing these different looking buildings. When I'm on holiday it's the buildings I take pictures of .