Sunday 26 February 2017

A Brief Meet Up

Most of you will know that my sister is currently living in the States. She started her blog Juliet's Washington Postings to give us all an insight into her day to day life and travels whilst she is away. It was indeed her that encouraged me to start my own blog which of course brings me here today.
I had not seen her since November because we were away for her last visit so it was great to catch up this week. 

When she is home there is sometimes an overlap in our blog posts which I don't think really matters. We both have our own individual perspective on what we see.
I couldn't however resist catching her capturing one of her posts. She won't be pleased with me!

Here is one of her the right way up too next to mum's beautiful hellebores.

It will be May before we meet up again.


  1. I've never seen such a beautiful display of hellebores! Gorgeous!

  2. Well that will teach me to turn my back on you when you have your camera! Thank you to Karen, above, graciously only commenting on the hellebores (which are, indeed, a beautiful display)! See you in May... that's more than two months in which to plot my revenge!!