Monday 20 February 2017

Memos, Me, Mail and Monday

Monday has bounced around again and it's time to give Sian and the Monday bloggers a big wave. It's been another week of boring post. Two bank statements are about the most exciting mail that has arrived here. However I have packed up and taken a parcel to the Post Office.

No pictures of the parcel and I promise this is the last picture of a post or phone box! The parcel has gone tripping off to the student. Will she notice when she opens the box of cream eggs that there is one missing? She can blame her farmer father for that! 
This morning my aim is to defrost the chest freezer. I have decanted most of the contents and am now down to the debris in the bottom so wish me luck with that. So to cheer us all on our way this week here are two tiny flowers blooming in my mum's garden.
A pink violet.

A minuscule cyclamen.

Have a good week everyone!


  1. I had a dream of violets last night, lovely close up of yours. Good luck with the chest freezer, which remains me I should check up on ours & start using the things in there. Happy week ahead.

    PS - my fingers are crossed that Helena may revive SNAP or maybe I will just do anyway, link or not.

  2. It must be the time of year for defrosting chest freezers. I always do mine at the end of February, when it's cold enough in the garage, that the food (decanted into two washing baskets) doesn't thaw out while I'm cleaning it. Lovely to see the cyclamen, they always reind me of my lovely Gran.

  3. you can never have too many post or phone boxes!

  4. I agree with Jane! I'm always happy to see a picture of a post or phone box. Creme eggs, now there's a thought..

    Wishing you a great, frost free week

  5. We just went through our freezer trying to determine what was in there that needed to be eaten soon! Not one of my favorite activities! I love seeing these bright red post boxes; don't tire of them at all.

  6. I'm in the process of sorting out my freezers, having lots of UFO (unidentified freezer objects!) meals which have been interesting!

  7. That is a very nicely situated post box!

    Love the violets, must look out for those.

    As for the freezer, glad to know that No1 daughter left you a few bits in there for your return from holiday. Enjoy your pot luck meals!