Saturday 11 February 2017

Fur or Feather Part 2

Today I move onto 'fur' in my quest for a photo for The Winter Photography hunt. We did not see so much in the way of furry animals. We saw quite a lot of possums at the side of the road which had become victims to the passing cars but we did spot one in a car park. Possums were like many of their pests introduced to New Zealand by the early settlers. This time from Australia. They are considered a nuisance because they carry TB and there is a campaign to eliminate them.

We were delighted to see quite a few fur seals sometimes at quite close quarters. I make no apologies for reposting this picture taken at Doubtful Sound.

These next few photos are pushing the rules slightly. This fine bronze collie dog is situated on the side of Lake Tekapo. He stands out watching all passing by and is an acknowledgment to the vital role that the working sheep dog plays in the vast sheep farming on the surrounding hills.

These crazy chaps (dingos I believe) were on Mount John on holiday from the States. What else is there to say?

Finally this one has no fur or feather but we were fascinated to see these extraordinary creatures which were in a breeding sanctuary in the Southland Museum in Invercargill. These endangered tuatara which can live for over 100 years can be viewed from inside and outside of the museum.

So the question is now which should I choose?

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  1. I like them all! Because they work better together to tell part of the story of the trip. It's interesting how picking photos for a theme help to bring out details of a story I think. I've never seen a possum in real life...they actually look a little bit scary!