Sunday 19 February 2017

What Else is Red?

Yesterday I took part in Nancy's challenge and posted a picture of a red post box. The other object which is also "quintessentially British" is of course the Telephone Box. The box in the village of Regil is not far from the post box sat on the village green.

It is now redundant as a telephone box but is still considered an iconic part of the village. Villagers want it to stay and I believe it is now up to the Parish to maintain it. The paint has been ordered to spruce it up but who will paint it?
It is proposed like many village boxes it should become a mini library. There have been debates about shelves, public liability, who will maintain it? I am sure one day it will happen. Meanwhile it stands proud on the green.


  1. The world would be a different place without that solid bright structure to walk past. I hope it does get turned into a library.

  2. There are a few phone box libraries in this area. It's a lovely idea and gives the phone boxes a new purpose. It's be dreadful if they disappeared wouldn't it.

    I may join you on Nancy's weekly photo challenge ... I'm missing SNAP!

  3. Perfect for a library - or maybe a site for a defibrillator?