Sunday 14 December 2014

Christmas Memories

Sian fromHigh in the Sky has a lot to answer for! I thought I would join in again today for the second Sunday of her Christmas Club and now I find a whole evening has gone by looking through old photos of Christmas past! There are so many different memories to share! So I have tried to stick to some Christmas tree memories. I found a picture of my mum as a child with her tree. She is the little girl on the left. Some of the decorations that were on her first tree still survive today and were always on our tree when we were growing up.

I have not got such an early one of my dad but this next one was taken just after the end of World War 2 of dad with his family. He is at he bottom of the picture

I cannot find one of a tree when I was small but here is my second Christmas!
Yesterday I blogged us choosing this years Christmas tree so here are a few more years of searching our woods for a tree.
Then off course bringing it back in!
There is always plenty of help with the decorating of the tree. It is always a whole family event!

Well in a day or two it will be time to bring in this year's tree and continue the family tradition.




  1. Fabulous photos - how wonderful that you have those photos of your parent's trees when they were young!

  2. Oh these are wonderful! I commented on another Christmas Club post that I think there is something about black and white Christmas photos that makes them seem extra magical. These ones are very special - I would love to have pictures of my parents at Christmas when they were little

  3. What a wonderful post full of lovely memories and how amazing to have pictures of your parents and their trees.

  4. Oh how nice - I like the photo of the cats helping out. Our Little Miss hops up under the tree and sleeps on presents too but neither touch the ornaments thankfully.