Wednesday 24 December 2014

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

We went outside at 5.20pm to see the International Space Station pass by. It has been suggested that one should tell the children that it is Santa on his sleigh passing by. My girls are far to old to be taken in by such tales and were not convinced that any child would be. It seems however that my 16 year old is till young enough to stick to our family tradition of reading the lovely poem by Clement Clrake Moore aloud. 

Other traditions are still in place. The stockings hung up.

The sherry and mince pie for Santa is on the mantle piece.

They don't seem to bother with the carrot and hay for the reindeers anymore!
The biggest problem is getting them off to bed!

Well I've drunk the sherry and eaten the mince pie so better fill the stockings and get off to bed!
Happy Christmas everyone!

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  1. Happy Christmas Maggie. Hope you all have a lovely day. x