Thursday 18 December 2014

Up Goes the Christmas Tree

We had a bit of suprise when we put the Christmas tree in the lounge. Well hidden in the lower branches is a little bird's nest obviously being a tree top this little nest would have been high up in the woods.

We have left it there and now the tree is decorated but in need of some more lights. We believe in the decorate with all our Christmas treasures and memories approach rather than the coordinated look!

There are plenty of old favourites on show.

And a new edition from our trip to New York given to us by my sister Julie.

This year we have a tree (another tree top from our wood) in the conservatory amongst the geraniums!
This one is an even more interesting shape.

And a few more favourites.


  1. Nice trees! Will you be spraying the birds nest silver so that it can become a treasure for future trees?

  2. amazing to find a nest in your tree - I love a collection of decorations that stir memories

  3. I've never seen a nest in a tree before. How nice!