Saturday 13 December 2014

Choosing the Christmas Tree.

For a number of years we grew our own Christmas trees and sold them at the farm. This could prove to be very busy leading up to Christmas standing out in the cold smiling sweetly while you were asked to hold up and twirl a series of trees while the customers deliberated which one would best adorn their house. Needless to say we usually ended up with the rejects in our own house.The trees have now far outgrown being sold. Most of them peep out high up above the other trees they are planted with.

Each year it becomes more of a challenge to find a couple of tree tops which can be transformed into a Christmas tree for us. Wandering through the woods peering upwards it is never easy to find just the right shape.

Nevertheless several trees were felled and cut down in size (providing some more wood for the boiler in time).

Ready to be assessed by the waiting audience.

Then it is time to drag out our finds.

And load them up ready to take back to the house.

I don't think Emma will let us wait long before we put ours up but it won't be tonight!

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  1. Lovely light in these pics. Trees look quite big, look forward to seeing the end product! Xx