Tuesday 2 December 2014

Strange Goings on in the Bird World

We have a few Grey Wagtails who appear around the farm in the winter. One of their favourite occupations is attacking themselves in the car side mirrors. However as most of our cars have mirrors that turn in when locked they have had to find alternative arrangements. I spotted one attacking the mirror on a customers car in the short time he was buying his eggs and potatoes. Then it moved on to the chimney.

The chimney on the new biomass boiler is particularly shiny. What better place than that to defend your territory! Not easy to catching camera  with the sun behind him!

Then on Sunday Emma spotted a Sparrowhawk in the garden sat on a table by my washing line. She was lucky to catch these photos although he only flew off when she tried to touch him. Perhaps not such a wise move Emma!

Great photos though Emma. Well done!

1 comment:

  1. amazingly clear captures of both - the sparrow hawk in my sister's garden never seems to stay still long enough to get a good photo. I've noticed wagtails in the village high street over last week - I wonder if they are in search of mirrors!