Wednesday 17 December 2014

Christmas Treasures

It's Wednesday again and week 51 of Helena's ZIZO. Today I have not managed to restrict myself to two photos!
On Sunday I joined in with Sian's Christmas Club with some Christmas Memories. When I visited my parents yesterday my mum who regularly reads my blog (hello mum) got out some of the Christmas ornaments that I had mentioned from her tree as a child. Most of these were on her tree apart from the two fairies which belonged to my sister and I ( not sure what my brother had!)

I have attempted some close ups of some of them in not brilliant light and not a very good flash.

We all commented on what an extrordinary subject this fish is for a decoration.

I cannot tell you how old these are without publishing my mum's age! Can you spot any of them on the tree in the picture I published on Sunday?
The fish could well reappear for the winter photography scavenger if I don't find any more fish to photograph!


  1. a lovely link to your Christmas club story and lovely to see some older ornaments, as you say a fish seems an unlikely item for a decoration but it is lovely

  2. How lovely to have the story and the ornaments! Reminds me that I haven't published a Christmas story this week. We see fish here on license plates symbolizing Christianity; it was a secret symbol of the early Christians.

  3. Hmm fish were a symbol for Christ so perhaps there is a link? Or maybe it is just a strange choice? My grandparents had similar ornaments to that last one.

  4. My Auntie has suggested that the fish decoration may be because my grandfather came from a family of fishermen.

  5. Oh, I love seeing old ornaments! Perfect for ZIZO!