Wednesday 24 December 2014

Nativity Zoom In

I am doing two blogs today because I want to join in week 52 of  Helena's ZIZO. This week I am also linking it to the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt with no. 20 A Nativity Scene. The girls have had a nativity scene with a little stable made for them by their uncle. It is very simply made out of small sticks but is very effective.

They have only the main three figures. It seems that the Three Wise Men and the shepherds never made it. The girls have always made up for it by adding a number of farm animals some of which of a giant scale and I am not of the presence of pigs? Nevertheless over the years when they were small all sorts joined the scene from model John Deere tractors to Land Rover cars. It is good to see it out again this year and Emma has raided the old toy box for the animals.
However not to be forgotten are the three key people which are what Christmas is all about.


  1. Perfect Christmas ZIZO post! And a lovely nativity.

  2. beautiful shelter from the sticks and I love how they use the farm animals, including the giant horses

  3. I like home made stables and we too have always had interesting scale additions :)