Saturday 26 November 2016

A Feeling of Pilgrimage Part 1

I have divided my walk from yesterday into two parts. Our walk was part of the Cotswold Way and comprised of the last 6 miles into Bath. It is described as giving you a real feeling of pilgrimage as you descend into this historic city.
We could not have chosen a better winter's day for this walk with blue skies and superb visibility. We met at the Lansdown park and ride where I was greeted with a rendition of "Happy Birthday " and a cake in recognition of my birthday on Sunday. The walk started at a brisk pace in view of the sharp winter wind and we soon reached Bath racecourse and the adjoining golf course. There were murmurs of hijacking a golf buggy each but we resisted temptation and marched onwards. We were soon blessed with panoramic views across towards Bristol. We were able to pick out both of the Severn Bridges and the large chimney on the BRI hospital (we are all nurses after all!). I am afraid there are no photos at this stage as we were still walking a pace!
 Our first stop was at Prospect Stile a well known local viewpoint. There was a certain reluctance to pose for a photo in this rather exposed spot.

We then quickly gathered just under the ridge for a "sweet stop". The views from here are extensive and the viewpoint point tells us that we should be able to see King Alfred's Tower at Stourhead. There were indeed great views towards Bitton including signs of flooding close to the river following Storm Angus at the start of the week. 

We equally had a grand view of Kelston round hill which is quite a local landmark and which dominated the next part of the walk.

Our path continued down through a nature reserve known as Shiners Wood which is a 34 acre area given over to woodland in memory of a local farmer Fred Cullimore. The name was chosen as that of a favourite working horse!

The area is surrounded by tall fencing and gates to control the deer.

Glimpses of Kelston Roundhill continued as we skirted around the side of it.

The views of Bath increased as we walked out and down an escarpment.

We not only passed these cattle but also were just in time to see a collie rounding up some sheep.

The Cotswold Way continued through rolling fields and leafy paths with ever increasing views of Bath.

Tomorrow I will continue our walk to the finish in Bath.


  1. Happy Birthday for the 27th. It was my birthday on the 26th. We are both Sagittarians!

  2. Lovely clear weather for your walk - and you definitely did it in the right direction, even if chilly at the start!