Monday 21 November 2016

Memorandum Monday : Straight from the Farm

Good Morning to all. I hope you have had a good weekend and I extend a wave to Sian and all the Monday bloggers. I join them today thinking about anything new we have done, learnt or seen. What's new for us?
We have a new supplier of milk and delicious milk at that. 

 Our niece's boyfriend is a dairy farmer and he has recently set up an innovation on his farm to ensure that they receive a fair price for some of their milk. This is known as the Horrington Milk Hut which is a milk vending machine where the public can buy and dispense their own litre of pasteurised whole milk. I am yet to visit it but this a picture from their Facebook page.

I may not have visited yet but our niece kindly delivers our farm fresh milk when she visits so we have a regular supply of this delicious product in its own litre bottles complete with label.

Well done to them so if you are in the area of Wells pop by for your own pinta! 


  1. quite a trip down memory lane to see milk in bottles! I love this idea and that it means the farmer gets a realistic price for the milk - have a good week

  2. What an interesting idea for milk dispensing. We have dispensing machines for water - I will share this idea with our local vocal dairy farmer. There is a push (but still not allowed) to buy milk without pasteurizing. I like the info printed on the side of the bottle.

    1. It is possible to buy unpasteurised milk here but it is not very popular. Interestingly supermarket milk is mainly homogenised and standardised ( it is heated exchange to a higher temperature and filtered) which does give it a longer shelf life but some feel this alters the quality of it.

  3. I absolutely would drop by! I love this idea and I hope it goes from strength to strength. Round here it's the kind of thing would make it onto the local news..what a great advert that would be for such a clever idea

  4. What a fabulous idea! I raise my glass to wholesome food and innovation!
    Greetings from Chicago~

  5. I love getting my milk delivered outside my door. When I was in the states I was amused that there are 'milk shops' supplied by local farming co-operatives which only sell milk (or milk products made by the co-op, so ice cream and yoghurt, but not cheese)