Monday 7 November 2016

Memorandum Monday: Dog Sitting

 Good Morning to all on what is proving so far to be a beautiful, sharp November day. I am sending a wave to Sian the creator of Memorandum Monday and to all the other Monday morning bloggers.
My weekend has been pretty quiet (well during the day anyway)with both girls away and time spent catching up on household tasks and planning for the coming week.
 I don't think anyone who lives in any part of the U.K can have missed that this Saturday was bonfire night with firework noise all around us. We haven't been to any displays this year but have had nights in with Sky the collie for company. Sky is a working dog and lives outside in a stable but I am afraid my rules soften around bonfire night and I allow her into the house. She like many dogs is terrified by the firework bangs.

Typical collie when the rules are bent she is the first to make the most of it and headed for the lounge and picked herself a comfy chair...

I am not sure that my heart is quite that soft!
 Meanwhile Monty with his gun dog genes is not in the least bit bothered by the noise. He in fact wasn't at all sure that she should be allowed in and thought he would rather be out.

However a compromise was found  and they settled at opposite ends of the room.

 What about your pets and possibly even your children? How do they react to the noise? We live in the country so I can only imagine what it must be like in urban areas. 
 Have a good week everyone and may it be a peaceful one for you and your loved ones.


  1. Sky certainly knew a safe warm & fairly quiet spot to nestle in for the night. Poor girl with those nasty loud bangs. Most interesting that their genes & what they were originally bred for comes through even now, generations later. We people are like that too ... happy week ahead Maggie.

    PS - we have fireworks May 24th weekend & again July 1st - none of my cats have ever enjoyed!

  2. I love how Sky looks guilty and happy mixed together on that comfy seat - around here the bangs echo off the buildings and must be awful for the animals - have a great week

  3. We don't have Bonfire Night here. We think of it as an "English thing"! We have fireworks on Halloween Night instead and we used to have a little boy here who would run for cover at the first bang