Monday 28 November 2016

Memorandum Monday: Birthday Treat

Good Morning everyone on what is proving to be a beautifully sunny sharp Monday morning here. I am waving to Sian and all the Monday bloggers with several new happenings to report for Memorandum Monday.
Yesterday was my birthday which in itself is not a new event but I will declare that I have never been this age before so that is new! Also for the mathematicians amongst you there was also something new about my age. This year my age is the same as the last two numbers of the year I was born in.... Work that one out!
I was also celebrating my birthday somewhere new. We travelled to Cardiff to take the student out for lunch. I had found a pub with the help of Tripadvisor and it proved to be very good. The Pilot is situated high on the hill in Penarth overlooking Cardiff Bay. It describes itself as having spectacular views over Cardiff Bay which is true if you stand up at the high window and look between the houses.

Nevertheless it was a very pleasant pub. The staff were extremely accommodating especially as we had to ring to say we were held up in traffic. The meal was delicious and extremely tasty. I started with deep fried portobello mushrooms with Bresaola (another first for me).

There was time for a quick walk down the steps to take in the full view on a dry but dull day. Worth visiting again on a brighter day.

It was then back to the student accommodation for birthday cake made by older daughter which were both delicious.

Eating birthday cake in student hall is not new for me but I suspect it is several decades ago that I last did it! We didn't risk any cake candles with the smoke alarm and fortunately there was no suggestion of dunking me in the bath as there was back in my student days. There could be two reasons for this:- 1.Trying to carry me there.
2. They only have ensuite showers these days!

The students have started to acknowledge that Christmas is on it's way!

Husband and older daughter had a job to do before we left. A bit of bike maintenance to carry out.

The time came too quickly to say goodbye to the student again and travel back across the bridge to home.


  1. Happy Birthday!! I'll have to get my Accountant onto the sums..

    Oh, I know what you mean! Student Halls aren't what they were. I had to go through about four fire doors and down two corridors to get to our shower way back when.

  2. Happy birthday for yesterday! Looks like you had lots of family fun.

  3. Happy belated birthday wishes. How nice to spend as a day out & a lunch at new pub. Not good at maths, so not attempt at guessing year/age (col) but it would be a champagne birthday celebration. (and that works when the date & age are also the same).

  4. Happy Birthday - lovely that you all took your birthday to her - yes a long time since I had birthday cake in student accom and feared a bath dunking - thank goodness for ensuite showers! have a great week