Thursday 17 November 2016

Time for a Wish

The farming calendar repeats itself on an annual basis and people who have been following me for a while will be familiar with seeing this pattern in my blog. The kitchen calendar is much the same and it's time for a bit of special cooking. Normally I would have hoped to have done this my now but this hasn't been a normal Autumn. Yesterday however I finally got round to it. The Christmas pud.
I had all the fruit weighed out on Tuesday when my hand became a little unsteady pouring the brandy.

On Wednesday it all got mixed up together. Now I learnt something new this year and I learnt it from Sian in one of her Memorandum Monday posts. Well that's what it's all about isn't it? We have all always made a wish when stirring the pud but I had never heard that it should be the oldest spoon in the kitchen. So I guess this stainless steel one won't do.

So which one is my oldest spoon? I'm not really sure!

Well I'm going to go for the long wooden one in the middle. I'm pretty sure I have had that one since before I was married. So here goes!

No I shall not be telling you what I wished for and unfortunately younger daughter is a way at university so there is no stir for her. Perhaps I could send her a picture and she could have a virtual stir and wish....


  1. looks yum with plenty of fruit (and brandy) - using the oldest spoon was new to me too - love your collection

  2. Like the spoon collection! Pud looks great too and I can almost smell it from here xx

  3. I'm sure a virtual wish would work :)

    I loved seeing all your spoons..and you have definitely beaten me. I have one I think I bought when we got married and it's the only one I really like to use, with a short handle. I hope your wish comes true!

  4. yummy looking "pud" yes the using the oldest spoon was also new to me. Hoping all your wishes come true. I shall be stirring & wishing up this Sunday when I bake our Christmas pudding & channeling my Mom & Gran.

  5. I'd not heard of the oldest spoon either. I've not got to the pud yet, and shockingly I've not got one maturing.