Friday, 7 September 2018

A Photo a Week Challenge: The Fruits of your Labour

I am inspired today by Nancy Merrill's photo challenge to show what I have accomplished this week. We have a Katy apple tree which we were given by my mum when our eldest was born. It is a very good producer but the fruit does not keep well. The apples have the most gorgeous aroma and it is shame to waste them.

Yesterday I collected a lot of the fallers to use in apple jelly and picked several baskets for egg customers to help themselves to. I usually make apple jelly using some Bramley fallers to boost the pectin. This year I also went blackberry picking and added a good few handfuls in. You need two days
to make jelly allowing for straining the fruit. 
Here is my result.

Included here are the result of a labour of love in the garden. Beautiful flowers to enjoy.


  1. I always think of you and your Katy apple tree when I make or eat my apple jelly!

  2. That is very well strained jam - your apple tree photo could be for the calendar.

  3. We're not jelly or jam eaters so it's been years since I've made either. Must say, though, it looks delicious and your flowers are lovely!