Wednesday 12 September 2018

The Vintage Section

Yesterday I showed the horses competing at the ploughing match today I am moving on to the vintage section. It was great to see all the old tractors working.

It emphasises how much farm mechanism has changed.

Some of the competitors were doing high cut ploughing. I gather from Farmer Husband that with high cut a small furrow with a sharp pointed ridge is made. The seed was then sown by hand and would roll into the furrow before being covered.

Some of the  ploughing is a two man job.

There was plenty to wander round and watch.

Occasionally a comfort stop is required.

There was also a section of the competition for modern ploughs. Many of these had finished by the time we got over there.

Towards the end of the day a service for the blessing of the plough was held. Plough Sunday  is traditionally held in January when the plough is brought to the church for blessing. Work in the fields did not used to start until after this date. 
On this occasion the congregation at the ploughing match were encouraged to tie a piece of coloured baler twine onto the plough while they paused for a moment for thought and prayer.

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