Sunday 30 September 2018

The Final Choice

The Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt comes to an end as September turns into October. Here are my final choices some of which are new and some you have already seen. So here goes:-
1. The Rosiness of Red.
I have finally chosen for this one a simple apple on our tree. The rosiness makes you want to just reach out and pick it.

2. Stripes.
Deckchairs on Brighton Pier and they were free too!

3. A Framed View
So many choices for this one. I think I have chosen the right one. Part of the Italian Gardens at St Fagan's Castle.

4. Wings
When our friends come to stay in the summer we often take a walk to Felton Common right on the edge of Bristol International Airport. A fun occupation is to lie on the ground directly under the flight path as the planes swoop down to land.

5. Pedal Power.
I found quite a lot of bicycles but this exhibit at the St Fagan's Open Air Museum of Wales shows a real purpose. A means of a delivery service from the shops before cars were very common.

6. Glorious Green.
Our green and pleasant land gives so many options for this. We came across this  beautiful Sweet Chestnut tree  on a walk.

7. An Unexpected Reflection.
I caught this of my friend in the Italian Garden at St Fagan's. Does it count as unexpected? Well I was surprised at the symmetry I achieved!

8. A Pile of
Do these count? A pile of rocks make up these fabulous cliffs at Kilve on the West Somerset coast.

9. Looks Smaller than you.
The day I lifted a massive boulder at Avebury Standing Stone Circle...

10. A Field of Plenty.
Walking through a field of maize towering above us on one of walks.

11. Pretty in Pink 
It has to be the sheep at The Shaftsbury and Gillingham Show in aid of Cancer Research.

12. Bell(s).
I am cheating slightly here by showing two pictures. During our visit to East Sussex we visited the village of Alfriston. The church of St Andrew's also locally known as The Cathedral of the Downs is unusual in that the six bells are rung from the centre of the church. You can see here the ropes pulled back when not in use.

Tucked away in a corner is an old bell no longer used but which rang out over the village for many many years.


13. Equal Portions.
It suprised me when I started to look around how many pairs of old balance scales there were in various old houses. I have chosen a pair in a window of a longhouse at St Fagan's. The house was extremely dark and must have been very dingy. These scales silhouetted in the window show equal portions.

14. A Trilogy of Three
These willow sculptures by Emma Stothard are on the main lawn at Tortworth Court Hotel and are named Dancing Hares.

15. Out of the Blue.
Another wonderful garden sculpture emerging from the blue sky this time at Yeo Valley Garden.

16. Something that could be from a Favourite Book or Film.
A vegetable patch often reminds me of a favourite childhood book Peter Rabbit. Is he lurking under one of those rhubarb pots trying to avoid Mr McGregor?

17. Repurposed.
I have found a lot of possibilities for this and shown quite a lot but I have finally chosen these cottages. They are part of the open air museum at St Fagan's. How are they repurposed? They were originally a terrace of six houses built in 1795 for workers in an iron ore mine in Merthyr Tydfil. Rhys-y-Car Terrace was then dismantled in 1982 and rebuilt at St Fagan's museum. They are now refurbished to show changing living conditions from 1805 to 1985. They show a gradual and fascinating progression of lifestyle throughout these times both within the houses and the gardens.

18. Currency.
A selection of coins found in a drawer from before decimalisation. Pennies and halfpennies depicting the last four British  monarchs.

19. Picture Postcard Perfect.
It's got to be a stretch of Cornish coastline.

20. Mellow Yellow.
The golden yellow of a barley field as a background to the yellow combine harvester.

Alternative A. Shopping Bag.
Farmer husband gets to carry the pink shopping bag after a spot of shopping in the very wet village of Alfriston.

Alternative B. Coupon.
Delicious cakes part of our afternoon tea from a voucher present.

So that's it. Thank you for coming to have a look at what I managed to find and thank you to MaryLou for creating this hunt. 


  1. Brilliant, Maggie ! Well done you! I have finished the list but there's no way I'll get the posts up in time.

    1. Oh we would all like to see your findings. I’m sure it won’t matter how late they are being posted. The rules aren’t strict!

  2. That certainly is the most unusual 'Pretty in Pink' that I've seen so far - what a great find! And I love the photo of you lifting that boulder - very clever!

    1. Thanks Debbie. Yes it took a few attempts to get it right!

  3. Super photos Maggie - I've finally posted all mine too. I really like your pink sheep and the field of plenty. As always, your photos are really great and interesting to look at. x

  4. Well done Maggie & thanks for joining in. You do find some amazing items for each. I like those dancing hares a lot!

    And you are right, rules if any are very lax & relaxed ... it is all about fun & joining in.

  5. There's always something interesting in all your picks, and this year is no exception! I got a chuckle from the alternate shopping bag, and if I had to pick a favorite it would be Stripes!

  6. Your framed view and picture postcard shots are gorgeous - you've got a fabulous set of finds!