Thursday 27 September 2018

Take Three Thursday: Mulberry Grove

Today I am taking you through this gate to see this week's Take Three Thursday, a meme hosted by Mary Lou where we show three photos of something we have observed this week.


The gate takes us into Mulberry Grove, part of the gardens of the Elizabethan House Saint Fagan's Castle situated close to Cardiff. It is part of The Museum of Wales and is the original part of what is now an open air folk museum. I have many more photos of St Fagan's but today I am concentrating on these amazing trees. 

There are several of these trees which are mostly Black Mulberry or to give them their full name Morus Nigra. Look closely at the above picture and you will see that the whole tree grows on one branch of this old trunk.
Some are even more dramatic and the original trunk is laid horizontally with a tree still bursting from it.

Some of these trees are 200 years old. The trunks are remarkable to study close up. 

What a story they would tell if only they could talk.


  1. What a hardy tree - it makes me marvel all the more at the strength & resilience of nature. Thanks for joining in today Maggie.

  2. I have never seen anything like that before - the tree growing from the horizontal trunk is just amazing!

  3. I was born within sight of St Fagans and then lived very close brought back some lovely memories. Thank you

  4. The tree trunks are amazing, and I always love your framed views!