Friday, 20 January 2017

A Name Change

Today I am returning to Cape Foulwind to show some more of the photos we took while we were there. There were quite a few comments about this name and I thought you would be interested to know that Abel Tasman was actually the first European to sight this headland on 14th December 1642. There is an astrolabe mounted on the cliff path to commemorate this. This kind of instrument  which he would have used if I remember correctly measured position by latitude by measuring the sun at a certain time of day.

Abel Tasman named this headland Rocky Cape but Cook later changed it to Cape Foulwind because his ship was blown out to sea here.
Something else that we saw here which there seem to be far less of in New Zealand is this.

No not the farmer but a stile. My friend who has moved out here told us that one thing she really misses is the network of paths and bridleways that weave all over Great Britain many of which go back hundreds of years and have become public right of ways. There are plenty of paths and tramping ways but she says there are few over private farmland like we are used to.
Then of course I wanted to show you a few of the fur seals at the colony I mentioned.

Then this last one we saw today on Doubtful Sound. More about that another day!

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  1. Some very interesting places you are visiting - I do like all the names, some of them are very similar to towns in our province of Newfoundland, makes you wonder the state of mind of the first landers. :)