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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Definitely Not for Us

We were unable to get into Queenstown because the traffic was so bad. We queued for some time and then couldn't find anywhere to park. We had to satisfy ourselves with a quick look around as we drove. This is the only place that we have had such issues.
We did however manage to view one of the popular Queenstown activities namely Bungy jumping.

Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge is located a few miles out of Queenstown over the Kawarau River.
It was built in 1880 and was a significant link in the gold fields. 
Since it's closure in 1963 and the building of the new bridge it has become a commercial Bungy site and was indeed the site of the first commercial jump.

The Bungy drop is 43 metres which is not as high as some. It is a popular spot for a dip in the river.

There was no dipping in the day we visited. There had been a lot of rain and the river was very churned up. A head dipped in would have been pretty dangerous judging by some of the debris floating along. The victims were gently lowered into a boat.

There seemed to be plenty of volunteers. I have to admit to feeling quite sick when I watched the first one.

This was definitely not for us but then we knew that already.

A wander round was enough for us.

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  1. Not something I would ever do & I am not comfortable with such heights - seeing this area through your photos was good for me.