Thursday, 19 January 2017

Water Everywhere

My friend who lives north of Auckland contacted me to see if we had been effected by the "weather bomb" hitting the South Island. She said that they were suffering a drought and waiting for more more to be delivered. If only I could send her some!
 Our journey from Fox Glacier to Wanaka was wet. The spectacular scenery of the Haast Pass was generally lost to us. The plus side? The water effects and waterfalls were beautiful. Here are a few I took.
Haast Visitor Centre.

Along the way.

The rain had a beneficial effect on the Rainforest.

There were plenty of misty views.

In Wanaka itself we managed a virtually dry walk.

Oh I forgot to say that the postman has brought my new card reader for my IPad. Hurrah!


  1. Happy new card reader! :o)
    I climbed up either Fox or FJ glacier (can't remember which) and it was pretty wet and gloomy that day too, though not as bad as it seems to be now. Glad to see you are making the best of the deluges. As you say it still has a great deal of charm - love the tree in the water!

  2. PS. At least you'll have lots of options for the WPSH!