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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Hot and Steamy

Another great aspect of our holiday in New Zealand has been catching up with friends and relatives. We started our holiday by staying with my aunt and uncle who we will also see at the end. We have also had the chance to visit two of my nursing friends who have been kind enough to give us very hospitable accommodation.
My friend Iris took us to Rotorua for the day where we visited Te Puia geothermal valley.

This is the home of Pohutu Geyser which is the largest active geyser in the Southern Hemisphere.

It erupts several times an hour so is a reliable one to see.

To it's side is the Plume of Feathers that usually  precedes it.

The park has a variety of geothermal wonders to see including bubbling mud

And hot pools.

There was the opportunity to try out the hot seat.

Food is traditionally cooked in hot steam boxes. Sadly we did not get to taste it.

There was also a Maori village portraying examples of Maori houses.

What I haven't mentioned is of course the odour. The whole area smells of sulphur from the hot springs. Not the best of smells!


  1. I was smelling the sulphur as I was enjoying your photos

  2. I was going to say I'd been there but I actually went to Waiotapu. Same but different. I did taste the Hāngi - an acquired taste but not bad, and environmentally sound!