Saturday, 14 January 2017

High Up

Our two nights at Lake Taupo were spent on the far side of the lake from Taupo at Turangi which is mainly known for its fishing. We stayed in a very comfortable fishing retreat close to the River Tongariro with yet another relaxing view from our room.

Our second day gave us a chance to explore some of the ever changing landscape of the Tongariro National Park. This included a drive up into the village of Whakapapa and on up onto the slopes of Mount Ruapehu.

Yes you may have spotted that we cheated slightly by travelling up on the cable car. This was an experience in it self but I had the feeling the operators were quite used to dummies like us.

We did wander up and walk on the snow. Throwing a bit of snow kept us in touch with our friends back home!

The volcanic landscape is spectacular and gave us a little bit of a feeling of the terrain Kate had encountered when she walked the Tongariro Crossing.

What else do you do at a ski resort but enjoy a hot chocolate in the sunshine? Oh I guess ski but with no snow....


  1. What a wonderful holiday you are having!!!

  2. It's so different! There must be something new round every corner

  3. I am really enjoying seeing your photos of NZ, such a beautiful country. I love that cloud on top of the mountain.