Monday, 2 January 2017

Transported into Summer

I can't complain about being lifted out of cold dull winter Britain and being transported straight into Summer. The summer blooms were beautiful to see as we travelled through Auckland and my Auntie Vicky had a vase of agapanthus waiting on the table.

We spent some of our first morning walking around locally admiring their area of native trees that they have planted.

These include citrus trees in this case lime.

Olive trees from which they have their own supply of olive oil.

Fig trees which like a lot of the fruit has a way to ripen.

Kauri trees.

And many more.

The pohutukawa trees have abundant red flowers.

Then it was time for a walk along the cliff path.

We were fortunate that sun decided to shine.

There was heavy rain in the afternoon but we managed ro get out for a walk along Palm Beach.


  1. I can feel the warm sun - lovely views - lovely to see a pohutekawa if bloom

  2. Happy memories. You're making me wistful - but do keep posting!

  3. Lovely photos and obviously a very fruitful time of year!

  4. It's only mid-January, but I'm already to be transported to summer! I'll go there vicariously with your photos.