Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Sculpture to Suit All

Our holiday is nearly at an end and we have returned to where we started out to spend a last 24 hours with my Aunt and Uncle on Waiheke Island.

We are lucky that our visit coincides with the biennial Sculpture Trail on the island. Headland Sculpture on the Gulf officially starts tomorrow but we were able to have a bit of a preview walk around.

The sculptures are designed and made by both local artists and those from further afield.

They are made from quite a variety of materials.

Some make a dramatic statement.

Whilst others are more modest.

They are mainly all for sale.

Should you have sufficient funds.

They are made from a variety of materials. Can you see what this one is made from?

Some use natural settings to show off their qualities.

The natural background enhances many of them.

Audio effects compliment some of them. 


  1. Gorgeous. Love the top two and the boat especially. No, can't tell what the shell is made of - but it makes my skin crawl!
    Safe journey back. I'll miss your NZ posts though. :o)

  2. I bet you had real fun photographing those