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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Turquoise Water

Well we are now back home after our adventures but I still have quite a few sights to show you. One of the most impressive places we visited was Hokitika Gorge. The first view you get is as you descend the path to the first view point.

The water coming down into this gorge is a vivid sparkling turquoise. The other view points are reached over a swing bridge.

Then along a path through native forest.

The colour is caused by rock flour in the water, a combination of ground down schist and greywacke. 

A truly beautiful spot.

The gorge is reached by a country road leading about 25km outside the town of Hokitika through scenic dairy farmland.


  1. That water is an amazing colour!

  2. What a beautiful spot. Glad to hear you are home safe & sound.

  3. what a beautiful place, back to reality now!

  4. That water is stunning. I bet you are pleased with the way these pictures turned out